Planning and Development

Having a big dream, a grand vision and an ardent passion for restoring your community's historic movie palace is most definitely a prerequisite for success. However, having consulted on over 35 major movie palace restorations across the country, we know from experience that the most successful projects, the ones that made it from a passionate desire and creative vision to a Grand Reopening, all had one thing in common: A viable and realistic plan that includes an anchor use concept.

First, let us help you determine the best and most productive use of your venue for your community. How you plan to operate your Theatre is going to determine the best and most cost effective means to restore it. Do you need a bigger stage house, really? Do you need to incorporate a parking garage on the property? Do you really need an orchestra pit? Is live entertainment, children's productions, local symphonies, first run movies appropriate for your market? What sources of funding are available that you can tap into, how much support can you anticipate from municipal, county, state, federal and local private funds? Does it make sense to be a for profit, a non-profit or a hybrid?

All these questions and more need to be answered in order to successfully complete your project. Our team of experts, and our extensive experience in these areas, will shorten your learning curve, save you time and money, and make it not only easier for your organization to be successful, but more enjoyable and less stressful!