Programming and Marketing

The conventional mode of thinking is that your venue's main competition is other comparable venues in your region. After all, you are all selling tickets to the same pool of patrons, right? Our experience has proven that the competition is more for the product you plan to present and how you present it in your venue, not just for the patrons you plan to attract.

ProgrammingHow you market your venue, your ticket pricing and premiums all have a vital role in setting your venue apart from others. It's the process of putting all these elements together that will provide the synergy to make your venue uniquely viable.

Case in point: How many different restaurants are in your neighborhood? Each one has a different specialty and a different cache. Some are more expensive and some are less pricey. The point is they all work and the more there are, the more customers they attract. It is the same with arts and entertainment venues.

From 450 seat cabaret theatres to 4,500 seat auditoriums, our team of experts has programmed everything from open-ended runs of Off Broadway productions to Vegas style shows in a subscription series format. We've produced our own shows, presented our own live arts and entertainment and combined it with local and national touring Broadway Shows, Orchestras and Theatre Companies. We don't think outside the box, we threw that box out a long time ago and put together our own unique subscription formula called "Talent Based Programming - Value Driven Marketing."

Today's economic climate calls for creative marketing and insists that customers receive an exceptional value for whatever dollars they have available to spend on entertainment. It also demands that not for profit arts organizations and arts and entertainment venues learn to be more entrepreneurial and economically viable in order to continue to be of benefit to the communities they serve. Our team will help you successfully implement these strategies and through the process, perhaps create a few new and creative concepts unique to your venue.